InnoDB is a popular database storage engine for the MySQL relational database management system. It is an alternative to the default engine – MyISAM, and it has many strengths that make it the preferred engine for plenty of PHP-powered apps, including Joomla and Magento, which have shifted over to InnoDB for good. For example, importing huge volumes of data will be much faster with InnoDB, because it locks only a single database row to execute a certain task, not the entire table, which makes the engine ideal for scalable apps. It also supports foreign keys and transactions – these refer to the way in which the information is handled. Simply put, appending new or updating existing data will either be thoroughly completed, or will be canceled and the procedure will be rolled back in case some issue appears in the meantime, hence the content that remains in the database won’t be lost.

InnoDB in Web Hosting

Every PHP-driven web application that needs InnoDB will function flawlessly on our innovative cloud web hosting platform and the storage engine comes with all our web hosting packages. Each time you create a MySQL database manually or our app installer tool creates one automatically and an app installation process is started, the engine that the database will make use of will be selected based on the app’s requirements without having to update any setting in your shared hosting account. InnoDB will be chosen automatically for any app that requires this particular engine and you’ll be able to take advantage of its full capacity. We’ll make daily backups of your content, so if you unintentionally erase a database that’s important to you or you overwrite some part of it, we will be able to restore everything the way it was only a couple of hours earlier.