A data center can be explained as a sophisticated warehouse for web servers. This is a facility that accommodates numerous hosting servers used by firms for storing content and files or for executing computation services at a large scale. Web hosting, search engines and massive social networks are only a few examples of the services which require data centers for their servers since they cannot run on a single hosting server. The facilities maintain the heat range, humidity, power and connection backups so as to ensure the most effective and uninterrupted work of all machines located there. All data centers include 24/7 monitoring and restrict the access to the hosting servers so as to make sure that the machines are secure all of the time. The quality of any online service you get typically depends not only on the firm you communicate with, but also on the data center facility they use.

Data centers in Web Hosting

If you decide to acquire a web hosting plan from our company, you shall be able to pick between 5 data centers on the order page and you can have your account created in SteadFast (Chicago, United States), Pulsant (London, United Kingdom), Amaze (Sydney, Australia), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or TelePoint (Sofia, BG). We have servers in different locations so as to provide you with a choice to opt for the most suitable one for your Internet sites, so both you and your visitors will benefit from high loading speeds. Each one of the facilities provides 24/7 technical support, power generators and a number of Internet routes through some of the largest ISPs within the specific country. Along with our revolutionary cloud web hosting platform, this means basically no service disturbances of any type, so your sites might be working at all times. The facilities are amongst the biggest ones worldwide and some of them house even government hosting servers, so collocating our machines there enables us to focus on introducing new services and boosting the existing ones all the time.